Best Apps and Tips to Gain Followers on Instagram: Update 2021

Instagram started timidly as a photographic platform, but today it has become one of the most popular social networks. The likes, follows and followers, stories or hashtags are our daily bread. That is why more and more users are looking for an application to have followers on Instagram .

Well, today in Techtaks we explain in detail all the methods to gain followers on Instagram , both through apps and organically. Everything that works this 2021 so that your profile has more followers than ever.

Our team has been in charge of bringing you safe and previously verified alternatives. The objective is that all your new followers are real and do not fall for false tricks, as we did in its day with the apps to gain followers on Tik Tok .

Are you ready?

Best APP to gain followers on Instagram 2021

Do you want to have more followers on Instagram? Well, there are apps that can help you through different strategies and tricks . Some can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, but most are in APK format . These are the most recommended:


Crowdfire is a social media manager that will teach you to manage your publications and the parameters to take into account. All this with the aim of reaching more audiences and thus increasing the chances of getting more followers on Instagram . In other words, the app helps you to be more efficient.

Its interface is very intuitive and it comes with a lot of functionalities. Among other things, you will have the possibility to schedule the upload of your next photo  (with the option to choose the best times), publish simultaneously on all your profiles, set the frequency of your publications or promote your brand or business .

Crowdfire is free to download and available on both iOS and Android. Its Plus version allows you to link two accounts and schedule up to 100 publications.

Followers + Followers Analysis on Instagram

Among the apps to manage Instagram , Followers + is one of those that offers us more possibilities. As its name suggests, its main mission is to analyze all the followers of your account. You will easily know who has blocked you, who has unfollowed you or who are your most loyal followers.

But this is not all, since it also serves to gain followers . You will have programming and optimization tools for your publications, graphs that analyze the performance of your account and different data with which to know the real engagement of your activity on the social network.

Of course, although the download of the app is free, most of the analytical tools are only offered in its Premium plan. 

Preview: plan your publications well

Without a doubt, uploading quality content is synonymous with many followers on Instagram. And this is precisely what Preview is looking for. With it you will preview your publications and plan the strategy to follow in order to gain followers and have more interaction.

It is a kind of Instagram simulator , since in its interface you can see what your feed will look like without entering the social network. The app has a wide variety of incredibly useful features: unlimited templates for creating collages, a tool to move and sort the posts on your profile, new filters for photos, a hashtag search engine, a post programmer… and much more!

Likewise, Preview is a multi-device software that has a desktop version for those who prefer to work from the computer. Of course, you can make backup copies of all the content uploaded in the app. Its download is free and has plans for teams and companies.

Instafollow: one of the most popular Instagram follower generators

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular Instagram apps on Android. In its free version, it has a record of your followers and those who have ceased to be, access to profiles, give likes … that is, it is like an alternative to Instagram but more complete. It will allow you to interact better and more efficiently and thus obtain more likes and fans.

However, if you are looking for the easy , you can turn it into an application to get more followers through payment . You will be able to see who has blocked you on Instagram, your ghost followers, who likes your photos the most and a host of other options that will give your account everything it needs to succeed.

Taking good control of your Instagram account is the first step to increasing your followers. And this app makes it easy for you.

Real Followers

Real Follower was considered one of the best cheat apps to get more followers on Instagram in 2016. And it does it quickly and totally free. Recently, it has been removed from Google Play, so we leave you the alternative APK.

If you are looking for thousands of new followers and likes to boost your ego or promote your business, this is the application you were looking for. Some of the tips to get it are:

  • The follow4follow rule : follow others to follow you (and don’t forget the hashtag!).
  • The like4like rule : like others’ photos and comment with the hashtag.
  • The view4view rule : the same, but with video views.
  • Use more tags and discover which ones are the most popular of the moment.

Through these 4 rules, the app improves your profile and your publications. That is why the followers you gain are real, no cheats, machines or bots. Its users have a very high opinion of it and affirm that it is one of the few that works and delivers what they promise.

Guide and tricks to gain followers and fans

There are many good applications in English, but if you do not control the language it is somewhat difficult to use them. That’s why today we bring you an exclusive in Spanish.

The app not only gives you the best tricks to get fans of this social network, but also on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. In fact, it is divided into these 4 categories and you can filter the tips by topic: are you looking for followers ? Do you want retweets ? Or do you go more for the likes ?

It is one of the most complete that offers decent advice to make your profile the most popular on the web. Some examples are creating your own hashtag, following those who follow you, not exceeding tags, constantly uploading content, uploading quality images, synchronizing networks … Find out for yourself!

Turbo Like

If you are not in a hurry and you were looking for one of the best free iPhone applications to be followed by more people on Instagram, take a look at this application from the App Store.

Its use is very simple and even fun. His approach is to use virtual currencies to exchange likes and follows . That is, for each follow or like you give, you will earn coins. And with those coins, you will get likes and follows on your own account. It’s that simple and effective.

Why complicate things if you can have fun and achieve your goals? You will be the envy of all your friends!

Followrs Insight

To get new followers quickly and have more likes on your photos, you must have good control of what you have in hand.

Followrs Insight helps us keep track of our followers, unfollowers, those we don’t want to follow, those who do, those who have sent a request, those who tell us the most, our most successful posts … In short, everything what moves and stops moving on our own.

Take charge of your Instagram, analyze the situation and act accordingly.

Gain followers on Instagram for free: tips and tricks

When increasing Instagram followers, keep in mind that most apps to get it for free and with little effort are rather misleading and do not guarantee anything . Yes, you may win a few, but most will be accounts and profiles that hardly interact with your content: the well-known “ghost” followers.

And being successful on Instagram is a matter of patience and a lot of work. So if you are up for it, we will explain 10 very effective tactics to gain followers on Instagram naturally . Discover them below!

Define the content of your profile

When a user visits your profile, the first thing they usually look at is the content, both the theme and the quality. In this sense, it is important that your profile is complete and that it really shows what you want others to see about you .

To do this, establish a target audience and ask yourself what information they are looking for. From here, it is best to change certain elements of your account such as your profile photo, username or description so that they can identify you more easily.

Post at least once a day and always at the best time

Another key to having more followers on Instagram is consistency when publishing . This is due to the algorithm of the social network itself. The more you publish and the more interaction you generate, the higher your posts will appear in the feed of your followers. So, our recommendation is that you do it whenever you can. If it is not possible, at least once a day.

On the other hand, it is also important to take into account the schedule of your publications . You can choose two strategies: try at different times of the day and see what time you gain more followers or analyze your account activity with apps like Metricool. These will give you guidelines for when it is best.

Avoid posting for posting

While posting daily is a great way to build a following on Instagram, it’s not about uploading just any content. The key is to find a balance between quantity and quality. It will not do you any good to be very active on Instagram if what you upload does not attract attention or is very repetitive.

It is true that quality is a very subjective aspect. But taking a look at other Instagram profiles, you can see what type of publications are successful or what is the current trend on the social network. Any small detail can make the difference between success and failure.

Upload Stories and other types of content

Although Instagram started as a simple photo platform, it currently has many more features. That is why we encourage you to use Stories, Reels, IGTV, videos or direct ones . Without going any further, Instagram maintains that 1 in 3 stories guarantees a private message, while a direct one ensures you appear in the first place in the stories bar.

Include hashtags and location in your posts

Without a doubt, hashtags are essential to attract a new audience and gain followers on Instagram. In fact, the interface of the social network allows you to directly search for these tags. If you use them correctly, your posts will appear in the feed of other users who still do not follow you.

Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags per post , but the key is quality rather than quantity. In fact, experts in the field say that 9 hashtags is the ideal number to get maximum interaction. Likewise, tags like #followme, #followback or #followme should be avoided; They do not generate quality followers and only attract users who stop following you once you do.

On the other hand, don’t forget to tag your location , since Instagram also allows you to search for it directly and see all the posts that include it.

Use interactive features

In the stories section there are different interactive elements to make them  much more attractive . Sharing songs from Spotify on Instagram , stickers, surveys or a question section so that your followers can get to know you a little better, are just some of the available options.

On the other hand, if a user reaches your cartoon through a hashtag or a location, you will be creating a direct interaction. And with this you will have the possibility of gaining a new follower.

Actively participate within the social network

As in any other social network, one of the pillars to reach more followers is to interact with other users and their content . It is a question of reciprocity and of creating community.

So, if a post catches your eye and you like it, comment or like it. The mere act of responding will make you more visible and have a better chance of gaining followers.

And what else can you do to interact? For example, you can tag other users in your posts or stories (in the latter case, they can upload the same story to their profile), ask other users to tag you in their profiles or follow relevant accounts in order to get more visits .

Go the cross-promotion method

You may have an account on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or another similar service with more followers than on Instagram. It may be because you have invested more time or because you have better defined your target audience.

If you want all these followers to also know your Instagram profile, we recommend the crossposting method It consists of promoting a social network making use of the others . This means that you have to share your posts on other networks and platforms so that your content is visible beyond Instagram.

You can also directly ask your followers to follow you on Instagram and even offer them something in return, such as a giveaway or an exclusive promotion. Another option is to share your profile through  a link or button on a website or blog.

Collaborate with other accounts to advertise

Another way to make yourself known is by promoting a brand or business account . If you are starting on Instagram, you can talk to a small local business and come to an agreement to make a joint post that benefits both parties. Your account will gain new followers, while the advertised brand will attract new customers.

There are different strategies, from publicizing a business product in your stories, to holding a raffle with the requirement that the user follow both accounts. Obviously, as you grow on Instagram, you can collaborate with bigger and bigger brands.

Learn from Instagram Insights

If you have a business account, you should know that Instagram has a tool called Insights. This analyzes all the activity of the same in order to identify the content that your audience likes the most and that generates the most interactions.

Among the data collected, are the impressions and reach of each publication, how many times your posts have been saved or shared or demographic information of your followers (age, gender and location). Using this information, you can readjust your strategy,  improve certain aspects and get more followers.

Apps to gain followers: everything you need to know

What is a follower generator for Instagram?

An Instagram follower generator is a software whose purpose is to gain new followers . The operation of each of them is very varied. While some search and generate followers automatically (either free or paying), others give you detailed statistics of your account so that you can adapt your strategy and get them naturally.

Is it safe to download an app to have followers on Instagram?

The first thing to keep in mind is the origin of the app. In general, those that can only be downloaded in APK format are less secure. However, alternative stores like APKPure or UpToDown have good references. In any case, even if you download the application from an official store, we recommend that you take a look at the reviews. If the software does not work well, it will probably be reflected in the comments.

On the other hand, Instagram tends to block the accounts that hire or use third-party services to gain followers and likes. Before downloading the app, make sure that its use is lawful and that it does not violate the community rules of the social network. As a tip, the best way to get more followers is by using a good marketing strategy and being patient. Nobody gives anything away.

Is there a hack to have followers on Instagram?

Of course not. If someone promises to gain you more followers through a hack, we guarantee that it is a scam . You may find applications of this type in web services, but they are methods that do not allow you to get them naturally or attract the audience you are looking for.

What is the best app to gain followers on Instagram?

Although there are several applications that work really well to add followers on Instagram for free, our bet would be Crowdfire . One of the main reasons is its multifunctionality , since it is not a simple generator of followers. It helps you efficiently manage all the activity on your account, choose the best times to publish, leave scheduled posts, view different analytics or connect with other social networks. And all this from a very intuitive interface.

How to reach 1,000 followers on Instagram?

The best way to reach 1,000 followers on Instagram is organically. That is, applying the tips that we have explained in the previous section: daily publications, use of popular hashtags, variety of content, tag other users, etc. It is a matter of patience and a lot of work. Run away from false promises and apps that promise you this figure without asking for anything in return.

How to get followers on Instagram quickly?

The most immediate method to increase the number of followers on Instagram is by buying them . In fact, it is not difficult to find packs on the internet at very affordable prices. But it’s not worth it: most followers are bots or inactive accounts that don’t interact with your posts.

On the other hand, we remind you that Instagram has mechanisms that detect the use of these shopping services. These violate the community rules of the social network and may lead to the irreversible deactivation of your account . In short, if you want to gain followers, we insist on doing it organically.

How to be an influencer on Instagram?

One of the keys to becoming an influencer on Instagram is publishing varied and quality content . When starting in this world, try that your posts contribute something different from the rest and that they really capture the attention of your potential audience.

But this is not all. If your intention is to gain followers on Instagram and have more and more fame, you should also apply some of the tips that we have given you: publish frequently, interact with other users or promote yourself on other networks, for example. And, of course,  many hours of work and dedication .

How much do they pay to have followers on Instagram?

A sponsored photo on Instagram is paid at an average of $ 2 for every 1,000 followers you have . Imagine that a brand asks you for a post advertising its image or one of its products. If you have 10,000 followers, you would receive approximately $ 10; with 500,000, about € 1,000. From here, do the math yourself.

Of course, if you want to monetize on Instagram it is essential that your followers are real and that there is good engagement. This requires that your photos have likes and comments. Otherwise, no platform will pay you.

Remember that these applications are not official nor are they approved by the original company. Using and downloading them is under your complete responsibility , as always! And enjoy your increase in followers and likes on Instagram!