Best Apps for Download Free Ebooks {Update 2023}

The craze for eBooks (electronic books) is indisputable. More and more users are turning to this new way of reading to enjoy the best literary works. The problem is that we cannot always afford your purchase. In these cases, applications to download free books are the best solution.

So today, in Techtaks, we bring you the best apps to download books of this 2022 for iOS and Android, all the alternatives to obtain your copy in a digital version in a totally legal way .

To do this, our experts have only selected those tools that do not violate copyright and that are completely safe for your device.

It’s time to get straight to the point and learn about the apps to download free books that are succeeding the most. You will devour the books!

The best applications to download free books

If you are looking for a good app to download free books, you cannot trust just anyone. We bring you the best so you can use them with peace of mind. And always in a responsible way, of course 🙂

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is indisputably one of the most used tools for reading, but do you know that it is also an app to download free books ? Also, the application is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

With the application you have access to the entire library of the Kindle Store, in addition to more than 1,400 free eBooks. You can get many of the classics of literature, as well as some of the novelties of emerging authors. And technical and educational books!

This free book application allows synchronization with all your devices. And read the first chapters at no cost of any book that catches your attention. Download your favorite books and continue reading where you left off!

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is another of the best apps to download free books, and although the name may lead you to mistakes, you can also use it on your Apple devices. The library in the application is very numerous, and among them you find many free books to download.

It now offers audiobooks too, many free of charge! You can listen to the first few pages of all the audiobooks before deciding on a specific one. And in traditional books, it is possible to read the first chapters of all!


Another of the best free book download apps is Media365, which you can get on both iOS and Android. Get the electronic books that interest you, with topics as diverse as folk tales, novels, best-sellers, or the latest news.

Another interesting thing about Media365 is that the books can be downloaded in EPUB and PDF , so you can read them wherever you want Do you have e-books and would you like to share them? You can do it in the app!

If you like this book application and want to have all its functionalities, you can subscribe to the Premium version. With it you will not see ads, you will have access to the entire library, it will allow you to have books offline, and even convert your books to audiobooks.

The Total Book

The Total Book is one of the best applications to download books, and one of the best rated by users. It’s completely free, without ads, and available on iOS and Android.

The application is very complete, with more than 50,000 titles . It has more than 70 dictionaries included, in case you need to know the meaning of a word. You can also search for the music inspired by each of these books, and it has tons of audiobooks to listen to wherever you want.

Sttorybox: discover new talents and share yours

Sttorybox is an application to download free books a bit different from the rest, but just as great! It is an app for Android, designed for lovers of reading and writers, who want to share their creations through a kind of social network.

With it you can download the texts of other users for free. You will find essays, short stories, books on different topics, for adults and children, etc. If you like them, like the titles, and talk to the authors.

You can also upload your creations so they are available to other people! And among writers, opinions and tips can be exchanged to improve writing and find inspiration. You are one step away from having many followers thanks to your texts.


If you want to improve your English by reading in the language of Shakespeare, Inkitt can be your favorite book download app. It is available on iOS and Android, and is one of the most downloaded book apps in five countries. Download your favorite titles and read them offline!

Inkitt has a library of different themes. Find fantasy, love, science fiction, or adventure books , among many other options. The authors of the books are young writers, so you can be one of the first people to read their novels before they become bestsellers. Can you tell us how it went with her?


During the last three years it has been in the ranking of the 5 best Apple applications. And no wonder: ten million free books to download. All kinds of genres at your disposal: novels, romantic, science fiction, mystery or history.

Wattpad is without a doubt the best app to download free books on iOS and Android. The application has been among the five best app for books in the entire Android market for three years in a row. And is not for less. Today it has millions of users and even more millions of books totally free to download and enjoy.

The best thing – since they are free books for mobile and tablet – is that you can choose from absolutely all kinds of genres, from science fiction, romance, history, suspense, autobiographies or fanfiction, to memes, stories of celebrities, great authors or classics. Every week the app is updated with new titles.

The application allows you to obtain free books for when we do not have an Internet connection . You no longer have an excuse not to instruct yourself from time to time! So you can use it offline and the same application, apart from downloading books, allows you to adjust the reading options: brightness, contrasts, font sizes, etc. Also, it allows you to upload your own stories and publish them. What are you waiting for?

Apple Books (formerly iBooks)

From this app for iPhone we can directly access the iBooks Store, where we can download classic books or the latest successes in contemporary literature. You just have to walk through the library virtually, click on a volume to open it and slide your finger to turn the page. The app to download books allows you to create bookmarks in parts that interest you and add notes.

Apart from downloading books like the ones we have mentioned, it also has a section dedicated to the youngest and smallest of the house , with a wide variety of free children’s picture books. We also have books with illustrations for adults, be it art, cooking, photography, architecture and much more.

It is perfect because it also allows you to adjust the font (we can choose between seven different ones), search for words, share on Facebook or Twitter, adjust the brightness or print in PDF through AirPrint. Also, as it is from Apple, you can access them by synchronizing it with your iCloud.

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is a very good book download app for Android, although most of them are in English – perfect if we are both fluent in the language and if we want to reinforce our learning . There are also books in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese.

In this case, the application is free and has more than 4 million books available to you, including best-sellers, magazines, comics, and children’s books. In its online library you can see all the free books to download available.

The application is very complete in terms of its function as an electronic book reader on Android . The settings allow you to fully customize the reading to your liking.

Free eBooks

And if before we were talking about an app to download books on iPhone, now it is the turn of our favorite Martian. Free eBooks is an app that will allow us to download free books for Android so that we can have them whenever and wherever we want.

Commercial books, bestsellers, independent authors, romance, fiction, non-fiction… we can find everything in this Android book application. The downside is that downloads are limited to five per month (but if we choose well, we have plenty!) In its free version. They are unlimited with a VIP account.

At Techtaks we want to make it very clear that we do not support piracy or the downloading of books , since it is an action that violates copyright and financially affects the publishers’ union. In this sense, this post is exclusively informative and so that you know all the options to get a digital copy of a book that you have already bought, not to download it.

Likewise, all the exposed apps are completely legal , so that the books they contain are free of rights or are available in exchange for a subscription, usually at a good price. For example, Amazon Kindle offers a free 30-day trial period.

Finally, we remind you that only you are responsible and consistent for the downloads you make on your devices, so we will not respond to any problem arising from an illegal action and / or that compromises the security of your device.

And now, as always, it’s your turn to speak. Tell us if you use your mobile to download books or rather you prefer to do it from a website to download free books (in Spanish or English), or if you are one of those romantic ones who need to touch the role of a physical book. Be that as it may, we are waiting for you!

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