6 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Right Now

These programs give you contact information of people who have expressed interest in buying or selling homes in your target area. Although it will save you time searching for all these prospects, not all lead generation software is worth the price.

To help you find the right fit, we’ve reviewed some of the best lead generation services in the real estate industry based on factors like features, pricing and customer reviews. We also looked at services that generate leads on a variety of platforms, including social media, multiple listing services (MLS), broker websites and listing sites. Here are the top lead generation companies in the real estate industry and how they can help your business.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Company

  • Market Leader
  • Zurple
  • Zillow Premier Agent
  • Offrs
  • Zoho CRM
  • REDX

#Market leader

Market leader Keke is recognized as the best lead generation company thanks to its comprehensive features that provide both buyer and seller leads and its user-friendly installation process.

Market leaders differentiate themselves by offering exclusive leads. If you buy a lead from them, the market leader won’t sell it to another agent competing with you. Also, you are guaranteed a minimum number of leads per month. Market Leader collects leads from its website Housevalues.com, which provides sellers with valuations of their homes. The market leader collects contacts from leads direct. It uses pay-per-click advertising for consumers looking at housing listings.

Market Leaders pricing depends on the number of monthly leads you sign up for. You pay per lead and a monthly amount. When you sign up, you create a profile and customize alerts to your target location

In addition to leads, market leaders provide CRM software (customer relationship management) with lead nurturing tools. With Market Leader Professional, you can create a custom lead capture website for your business without hiring an in-house developer.


If you want help converting leads to sales, consider Zurple. This is our first choice for automation. Zurple not only generates exclusive buyer and seller leads, but automatically maintains the leads. The software manages the conversation with behavior-driven messages according to each communication situation. You can edit and send messages from your own email address When Zurple finds a good lead ready to follow up, the software alerts you to answer the call.

Zurple makes it easy to participate and plan your campaigns. When you sign up with Zurple, you enter your marketing budget. Zurple then optimizes your budget by targeting ads only to your specific area, including sub-areas within zip codes. If you generate leads from other sites like Zillow, you can upload them into Zurple’s automated contact system.

Zurple also comes with a CRM to manage your leads, as well as tools to create and customize your ads and website. You can learn more about using the Zurple system through the blog and success center.

#Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent is the real estate industry’s best lead generation company for finding buyers, thanks to access to Zillow. Zillow is one of the most popular websites for home buyers looking for price information. Zillow Premier Agent generates leads from this audience.

The system is different from normal lead generation services. Zillow Premier agents will not send you directly. Instead, you pay to be listed on Zillow and Trulia pages (a sister site), as well as listings and custom websites. Potential buyers will then see your name and contact information when they browse homes.

Contact a member of the Zillow Premier Agent Support Team to get started. They explain how the site works and plan how to make the most of your marketing budget. Costs depend on the area you’re targeting, based on average home prices and the number of competing agents. However, Zillow has no minimum monthly fee or sign-up fee. Your budget only determines the number of ads.


Offrs specializes in lead generation. Although it offers other types of real estate leads, its main focus is on providing high-quality seller leads that convert into listings. Offrs promises to provide you with 30 leads per month in your area or expand your target area at no extra cost. Offrs uses home valuation tools and predictive analytics to determine which homeowners in your area are most likely to sell. You then target these owners with ads to generate leads that you can track with Offrs CRM.

When you first sign up, schedule a 30-minute session with an Offrs specialist to learn how to use the lead generation system and applications, as well as pricing. Offrs also offers custom broker options, including apps for each agent.


ZOHO is the best option for generating leads from your social media posts. Although Zoho does not generate leads for you, it collects them automatically from your Facebook posts,

Zoho then allows you to track and manage leads throughout the sales cycle with its best-in-class CRM. While other real estate and lead generation companies have in-house CRMs, Zoho is known for offering one of the best. It can help you better manage your leads, set up email campaigns, track contact history, and coordinate with other members of your sales team. You also get access to the Zoho app, live support, training, webinars, and prospecting tools.

Zoho Social costs between $10 and $40 per user per month, calculated annually, depending on the number of features you want from your CRM. You can start with a 15-day free trial.12 You can also customize your subscription with the features you want.


If you are on a budget, REDX offers the best real estate generation prices. Offer your potential customers à la carte prices, with no installation fees. Their monthly prices are also reasonable.

REDX specializes in leads. It not only provides leads from known sellers, but also expired listings, for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) leads, for-rent-by-owner (FRBO) leads, and pre-foreclosure leads. REDX uses aggregated data from public records to obtain these leads. They all contain contact details.

When you’re ready to contact potential customers, REDX offers a Power Dialer system. All numbers are called automatically, so you don’t need to call them. You will only be logged in if someone responds. Otherwise, REDX will leave an automatic voice message. REDX offers training and tutorials on using its system as well as unlimited customer support.

The monthly price depends on the type of potential customer. For example, FSBOs and Pre-Foreclosure Leads start at $39.99 per month, Expired Listings start at $59.99 per month, and FRBOs start at $79.99 per month. If you want to use Power Dialer, a single line costs $99.99 per month.15


You have many quality options when looking for a real estate lead generation company. The right option depends on your sales goals. Market Leader was our overall choice due to the quality of buyer and seller contacts, exclusive and assigned to a single agent.

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