Best Facebook Age checker Tool: Guide to use

Facebook is the most popular social networking website and millions of people around the world use it to keep in touch with their friends and family, but there are concerns over children’s safety on the platform.

That’s why age-checkers have been introduced to Facebook’s platform so that parents and guardians can easily see if their children are using the site and can control their accounts. In this article, we discuss the Best Facebook Age checker Tool and how to use this tools so that you can protect your kids from cyberbullying, sexting, strangers, inappropriate content, and possible online exploitation.


Facebook Age Checker tool

There are many Facebook age checker tools that can help you determine whether or not a user is of age. Age Matters, for example, provides Facebook age verification through its website.

Unlike other tools which require an individual to take a picture of themselves with their drivers license or passport, Age Matters does not need access to your social media account and will only verify the authenticity of your photo ID when it becomes necessary at a later time.

Similar tools are available, such as which allows you to upload pictures of your driver’s license or passport and have it verified by a third party. This can then be used on other sites that require age verification through a Facebook account. One site that utilizes Facebook age verification is Facebook itself.

How to use the Facebook Age Checker tool?

Facebook age checking is used for determining whether or not a Facebook account is old enough to access the website. The easiest way to do this is by going through the Account Settings and selecting Security, then clicking on Verify my identity.

From there, Facebook will ask you how you want to verify your identity and then show you when your account was created. You can also go through the settings from the same section in order if you are already verified but want a reminder of when your account was created.

When you first created your account, Facebook will show you a drop-down list of dates. It will be different for everyone, but it can help you determine when your account was created if you ever have any doubts. You can also hover over an icon in order to see when your account was updated.

The benefits of Facebook age checker

Finding out someone’s age is a normal part of making friends. Sometimes you might be wondering if the person you are chatting with on Facebook is over or under 18.

The laws in your country might also make it illegal for adults over 18 to talk to kids on social media, which means that you’ll want an easy way to find out if the other person is old enough. This free age calculator tool will do just that for you, and it has several features so that this can be a seamless process.

For example, you can also select a gender. You might not know what that person’s gender is, so using a tool like an age calculator means that you won’t have to ask someone their sex directly in order to get an answer.

How can I Find Others Date of Birth?

There are two methods. First, go to the person’s profile and scroll down. Type their name into the search bar and it will appear in the top right-hand corner under People. Select that individual’s name, a screen will pop up with various options..

The second method is a lot easier. Open up an incognito window and then open your Facebook account in that browser tab. The next time you want to find someone’s date of birth on Facebook, simply type their name into your search bar and hit enter.

You’ll be taken to their profile, which will contain their current age. If you want their exact date of birth, right-click on any day that shows up in your calendar. Select Copy Date and time from the drop-down menu.

How do you find out when someone joined Facebook?

Facebook provides the function of finding when someone joined Facebook for the very first time. To find this information, simply log into your Facebook account and navigate to the drop-down arrow next to the ‘More’ icon and select ‘Settings’. Select ‘General’ from this list, and scroll down until you see a setting called ‘Show On My Timeline?’ – simply click on it.

This will produce a pop-up box with two options. The first is ‘Off’ and, as you might have guessed, it means that your friends’ birthdays won’t appear on your timeline. Ticking ‘On’ and then selecting ‘Get Birthday Calendar’ will tell you when all of your friends were born in a convenient calendar format.

This can be useful if you want to arrange an offline meet-up or give someone a birthday gift! However, there are also some less desirable reasons why people might not want their birthday to show up on their timeline. If you don’t want other people to know your date of birth, make sure you uncheck the ‘Show On My Timeline?’ option before hitting ‘Get Birthday Calendar’.

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