15 Best Team Viewer Alternatives in 2023

Teamviewer alternatives: TeamViewer is a famous program that allows us to remotely access the desktop of our computer, no matter where we are. In this way, it is possible to control the files and functions of the equipment remotely or modify its configuration when necessary.

Appreciated above all by professionals who work in the office and at home, as well as those in charge of computer maintenance, it is indisputably among the best in its segment.

However, many believe that this app is a bit unsafe. So if you agree, you should see some alternatives to TeamViewer .

Best Team Viewer Alternatives

Zoho Assist

With this software, our PC can be managed remotely easily and simply so that all types of users can use it, which makes it a very good alternative to TeamViewer. It is not necessary to install the app on your computer, as it allows you to connect to the Internet remotely.

Supports 2GB file transfer and displays SSL / TLS protocol using 256-bit AES certificate. It also allows you to schedule and print remote support sessions on a remote local printer from your computer.

Zoho Assist has a free variant for private and commercial use, simply by visiting the web. Also, it has different pricing systems. With remote support, there are different “Standard”, “Professional” and “Enterprise” modes with annual.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

The first of the Teamweaver-like programs is Windows Remote Desktop Connection. As its name suggests, it has been developed by the people of Microsoft. Therefore, it is available in all official versions of Windows.

It is somewhat limited, since it only offers remote access to the configuration of a second computer, but not to the content stored on it.

To take advantage of this feature, we have to launch it from the Control Panel, routing port 3389, to direct it to the second computer.

Its great advantage is that we do not have to perform downloads or installations. It is therefore ideal for customizing another PC remotely.

Ammyy Admin

Team viewer can also be replaced by Ammyy Admin. It enables connections such as remote management, but it is intended more than anything for multinational companies or with dozens of employees.

Of the business ones, it is one of the simplest to use, eliminating the facilities. We just have to download an executable file.

Your security is efficient, and determining our preferences will take only a few minutes. It even protects the system by creating a unique identifier for each user.

Ammy Admin does not fail to transfer content, it also has support for the largest files.

If you are looking for a service for teaching or distance learning, it is suitable to send or receive educational materials, or maintain contact with the other person through an integrated chat.Of course, you will need a fast connection for a satisfactory user experience.


Teamview can be sidelined thanks to Mikogo. We recommend its use in general, but especially for work or study meetings. In those circumstances, investing the money for your purchase can be worth it.

The privacy of our connections is one of its strengths. Having been created in Germany, it adheres to its data protection policy, one of the most rigid on the planet.

You can launch it from a browser, so it works on Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Linux or any other environment you have.

The sessions contemplate up to 25 users connected at the same time with one as a presenter. This position can be passed between assistants without problems.

Add functions to send content and also an internal chat between participants. If you want, you can record the meetings to review them later. Its free trial period is 14 days, after which you should purchase it.


ThinVNC is another program similar to Teamviwer. Useful for both remote control and file transfer between different computers.Its installation is almost automatic and we can configure several of the main aspects .

It runs in any browser compatible with HTML5 and being compatible with JSON and AJAX we will not waste time downloading other plugins.

It has come to our attention that the system can be entered from tablets or smartphones in seconds.

This project was discontinued and succeeded by Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation, for a fee . However, we can find your code on the Internet in more than one trustworthy site.

  • Useful as Gateway
  • Presentation mode
  • Different protections
  • Support for WebSockets and Seamless Windows


One of the most recognized alternatives to Teamwiver. In fact, some of its engineers were also involved in the production of the original TeamViewer. The funny thing is that they ensure that this solution is the fastest on the market, without affecting the resolution of the video that is transmitted.

Free for individuals, companies have to purchase its professional edition.


If Teamviewr doesn’t convince you, Ultra VNC could. To begin with, it is open source so it is freely distributed in Windows environments.

It has both remote network management functions and file sending and receiving functions.In terms of security, it opens the door to passwords for the authentication of each client.

Beyond that, before using it you must adjust several of its aspects according to your needs. The user interface is far from the best, but its resource consumption is very competent.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Just as Microsoft has its own remote access application, so does Google. Chrome, through its Remote Desktop, makes it possible.

This extension for the most popular browser on the planet only requires a Google account. Registered, we can access a second computer through the Internet, and thus manage it.

If you want to use your smartphones, it has applications adapted for both Android and iOS .Entry to the second machine occurs by entering an entry code. Light and very intuitive, this platform does not have extra elements such as integrated chat.

Webex Meetings

Launched upon Cisco’s purchase of WebEx Communications. From that moment, a more than the interesting answer for business areas.

Oriented to video conferencing, it is based on the Cisco cloud service. All European customer data is stored on local servers.

Your “meetings” can be only between two people in the free version. If you want to go a little further, there are up to three Premium variants available. The most expensive ones allow us to connect with up to 100 other people, share the screen, generate profiles of different users, etc.

You can also plan events in the future, achieving an extraordinary level of planning.

LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro is also able to replace Timeviwer. This application has the objective of optimizing the shared resources between two PCs. And it achieves it without compromising our security.It offers up to 1 TB of storage for our files, accessible from anywhere.

It can be launched both on Windows and Mac OS X as well as on Android and iOS terminals. If you don’t want to waste time, you can open it from any browser.

Video conferences are protected thanks to SSL / TLS encryption, although we can add keys.By sharing the computer, it is able to save the input data of several users.


Its trial version offers video conferences of up to 10 participants or transmissions to 5 people. You just have to download it, create an account and generate the meetings or send content.

If you’re willing to invest, it offers two ad-free versions, called Pro and Business, both with much more attractive limits on online storage capacity and other tools.

You can record the sessions to watch them later, and on iOS it is somewhat more complete than on Android.

Profitable mainly if you are prepared to spend some money.


The best alternative to TeamViewer if we focus only on comfort for everyday use . You can control your projects or applications from any computer, also on smartphones.

Its base plan, Personal, can connect up to five devices on a common local network .

We also have a Business variant available for business or corporate environments.

So you can print documents from different computers on the same printer.

For presentations, Splashtop Classroom invites you to show slides or similar on any screen, dispensing with annoying cables or software.

256-bit TLS encryption guarantees us maximum protection when sending or receiving files.

  • For work or fun
  • Excellent Android app
  • Avoid duplicating files

 VNC Connect

One of the main services of the British RealVNC. It offers personal and commercial licenses, protecting connections with password and encryption.

Even in the paid version, we can synchronize both devices without being connected to the Internet .


It is used passing any type of installation. That is, it can be run portable .

It enables multiple people to log in at the same time to a target computer.

The 256-bit AES system for encryption protects our received or sent content .

If you want to control your PC from your mobile, it does not lack applications for iOS or Android.


Unlike the previous ones, it has been developed to work on Linux operating systems .

It is not that the others are not suitable, but that this one was specifically designed for these environments.

If you do not have great knowledge in this type of utility, it is one of the most recommended.

Endless options to TeamViewer

Thanks to the growing demand for these types of apps, there are numerous alternatives to Teamviewer. Each of the above has unique qualities, to be able to take advantage of them according to your needs.

Therefore, the first thing is to ask yourself: “what kind of program do I need?”. And then, follow their description in detail or try downloading several, until one convinces you.

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