Games Automatically Minimize Windows 10 {FIX Update 2023}

Games automatically minimize windows 10 this is the most common type of error nowadays, every game and gamer’s more or less faced it.

Does your Windows 10 minimize game windows for no apparent reason? This behavior has been reported by many readers, popping up in several different games, harming the gaming experience.

This is because some Windows programs or services is interrupting the game process with overlay messages (for example, Cortana or Office).

Malware running in the background can also minimize the game window and open command prompt windows that close quickly.

How to fix games automatically minimize windows 10

Solution 1:Enable game mode

The first step is to enable the Windows game mode. This feature makes the system give priority to the game process, which is reflected in better performance and puts the other processes in the background.

To activate game mode simply press the Windows + G hotkeys. The Windows Game Bar will appear by simply selecting the “Remember this is a game” option on the “General” tab.

Then go to the Start menu> Settings (gear icon)> Games. In the menu on your left choose the “Game Mode” tab and enable the option to optimize the PC during games.

Solution 2: Disable fullscreen optimizations:

Right-click the game executable and click  Properties. Click the Compatibility tab and check the Disable fullscreen optimizations box.

Solution 3: Disable Cortana

Another solution is to disable the Cortana service, which monitors the user’s voice to start whenever they are called. Cortana can override other programs, minimizing other windows.

As such, try temporarily disabling Cortana. To do so, go to the start menu> settings> Cortana. Clear all checkboxes.

Solution 4: Check with Process Explorer

The process explorer is a free Microsoft program that allows you to monitor the Windows event and can help solve all the “mystery.”

In practice, simply install and run the program and work normally with your computer. When a game/program is minimized, go to Process Explorer to find out which program or event minimized the window and may remove it from the program.

Solution 5: Check for Malware

Another possibility is that there is malware running in the background. Even if you have up-to-date antivirus, it is always recommended to run a scan with the free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program.In the end, just remove all threats found. You may need to restart the computer.

I hope this article will help you to solve the games automatically minimize the windows 10 issue if you face any issues then comment below will try to solve your issue.

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