How to Get Netflix Pro Account Free: 6 Ways to Use Netflix Easily

Netflix, the popular streaming platform, offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and documentaries to entertain its millions of subscribers. While Netflix provides various subscription plans, you may wonder if there’s a way to access a Netflix Pro account without paying a penny. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore effective methods to get a Netflix Pro account for free. So, get ready to unlock the full potential of Netflix without spending a dime!

How to Get Netflix Pro Account Free

Netflix Pro accounts usually come with additional features such as Ultra HD streaming and the ability to watch on multiple screens simultaneously. Here are some legitimate ways to obtain a Netflix Pro account for free:

1. Free Trials: A Great Starting Point

The easiest way to enjoy a Netflix Pro account without paying is to make the most of free trials. Netflix offers a free trial period to new users, typically lasting for 30 days. Simply sign up for a new account, provide the necessary details, and start enjoying all the benefits of a Netflix Pro account for free. Remember to cancel the subscription before the trial ends to avoid any charges.

2. Sharing Accounts with Friends and Family

Sharing is caring, and it can also help you access a Netflix Pro account for free. If you have friends or family members who already have a Netflix subscription, kindly ask if they would be willing to share their account with you. Netflix allows multiple users to stream content simultaneously, so by sharing an account, you can enjoy the perks of a Netflix Pro account at no cost.

3. Using Virtual Credit Cards for Free Trials

If you’ve exhausted your own free trials or don’t have friends who can share their accounts, you can try using virtual credit cards to create new Netflix accounts. Virtual credit cards, available from various online payment platforms, allow you to generate temporary card details that can be used for free trial sign-ups. This method enables you to enjoy multiple free trials by creating new accounts with different virtual card details.

4. Joining Rewards Websites and Giveaways

Rewards websites and online giveaways can be an excellent source of free Netflix Pro accounts. Many websites and social media platforms run contests and giveaways where you can win premium subscriptions. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and participate for a chance to get a Netflix Pro account without spending any money.

5. Availing Student Discounts

If you’re a student, you may be eligible for student discounts on various services, including Netflix. Some universities have partnerships with Netflix that provide discounted or even free Netflix subscriptions to their students. Check if your institution offers any such benefits and take advantage of them to access a Netflix Pro account for free.

6. Earning Netflix Gift Cards

Several online platforms and apps offer rewards for completing tasks or surveys. By accumulating points or rewards, you can redeem them for Netflix gift cards. These gift cards can then be used to purchase a Netflix Pro account subscription, allowing you to enjoy premium features without spending your own money.

FAQs about Getting a Netflix Pro Account for Free:

Q1: Is it legal to access a Netflix Pro account for free?

Yes, accessing a Netflix Pro account for free through legitimate methods such as free trials, sharing accounts, or participating in giveaways is legal. However, using unauthorized methods or sharing accounts without permission may violate Netflix’s terms of service.

Q2: Can I use a Netflix Pro account for an unlimited period?

Free trials and other methods mentioned in this guide provide access to a Netflix Pro account for a limited duration. To continue using a Netflix Pro account beyond the trial period, you may need to explore other methods or consider subscribing to a paid plan.

Q3: Can I share a Netflix Pro account with multiple people?

Yes, Netflix allows multiple users to stream content simultaneously using the same account. By sharing an account, you and others can enjoy the benefits of a Netflix Pro account without paying extra.


While Netflix is primarily a subscription-based service, there are legitimate ways to get a Netflix Pro account for free. By utilizing free trials, sharing accounts, participating in giveaways, or exploring student discounts, you can enjoy premium Netflix features without spending a dime.

Remember to adhere to the terms of service and respect the privacy of others while using these methods. So, start implementing the strategies mentioned in this guide and unlock the world of Netflix Pro without breaking the bank!

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