The Best 3D Photo Apps to take 3D Photos with your Mobile

With all the technological advances that we find today, cinema or 3D images are increasingly gaining strength. So it is not surprising that application developers are paying close attention to creating 3D photo apps for mobile.

In a very summarized way, a 3-dimensional image is nothing more than a flat two-dimensional image, which with certain technology simulates the effect we are looking for. But do not worry, because we will analyze this point in more detail throughout the text.

So pay attention because we are going to tell you which are the best apps to take photos in 3D, we will answer some of the questions that are going through your head, and we will tell you everything you need to know about captures in 3 dimensions. . Go for it!

What is a 3D photo?

As we mentioned in the introduction, 3-dimensional effects are increasingly fashionable, although it is not something entirely new. And it is that 3D is what our eyes capture from the real world , a reality divided into 3 axes: the vertical one for height, and the two horizontal ones that indicate the depth of space.

If we transfer this concept to the world of photography (or cinema), finding this reality effect becomes a little more complex. The images are flat, in two dimensions, and ordinary photos lack depth.

But with the advancement of technology it is becoming easier to achieve this effect. Even as you have seen, there are many applications to take 3D photos. The concept consists of applying artificial intelligence to obtain realistic images (rendering) , and that the human eye captures the depth of the capture in three dimensions in a natural way.

Frequent questions

What phones take 3D photos?

There are some phone models, especially the latest technology, that allow capturing images in 3 dimensions from the camera itself, using the different lenses available. 

Even so, to obtain the best quality and that the process is suitable for all mobile models, our recommendation is that you use some of the photo apps that we comment on.

How to make an image look 3D?

If you have a common flat image, and you want to get a 3D capture of it, it is best to use some of the applications that we recommend . Take a look to see which one has this functionality. Its use is usually very simple and with just a few clicks you will be able to go from the two dimensions to the 3.

What iPhone takes 3D photos?

A couple of years ago, one of the news that excited iOS users was the ability to upload 3-dimensional images to Facebook directly from the iPhone. For this, it was necessary for the iPhone model to have “portrait mode”, either only in the rear camera or in both.

But what if you want these screenshots for yourself and not for Facebook? Well, regardless of your iPhone model, with any of the apps that we have mentioned you can take photos in 3D. There are some that are exclusive to iOS, so you don’t have to worry if you have an older model.

How to create a 3D photo on Facebook?

The process of taking a 3D photo on Facebook is very simple, and you just have to make a new publication and tell the app that you want it to be a 3D photo.

Of course, remember that for it to work, it is recommended to have the latest Facebook update installed on your mobile.

Applications to take 3D photos with your smartphone

We all like to be up to date, and as far as mobile technology is concerned, 3D photo apps take on a special role. These are not just  apps to blur photos or apps to remove red eyes . It is one step further.

That is why today we bring the best mobile applications that will allow you to make your captures seem made by magic.

Fyuse 3D photos

We start by talking about Fyuse, a free application available on both Android and iOS. Its use is very simple, and to obtain this three-dimensional effect you will only have to tilt your phone at the angle you want, or slide your finger on the screen.

In addition , it works as a social network , where you can create your profile and share your creations with your followers. Or if you use other apps, you can also upload your photos to them from Fyuse.

LucidPix 3D photo generator, our favorite

Everyone has favorite apps, and in the case of apps for taking 3D photos, LucidPix is ​​definitely not ours. It is completely free and it is also compatible with iOS and Android.

One of the characteristics that make it special is the developed artificial intelligence that it uses to render the images while you are moving the mobile. In addition, you can change the normal two-dimensional photos that you have saved in your gallery and convert them into three dimensions through the app.

If you need inspiration, in the gallery you will see a large number of captures so that you can bring out all your creativity. It even allows you to share all your creations on other platforms. We recommend that you try it and tell us if it is also your favorite.


Wobble may be another option if you have an Android, and it has also received very good reviews from users. Thanks to it, it is possible to create moving images in three dimensions , in a completely natural way, marking the path that this movement should follow.

It is also possible to use motion captures from ordinary photos , as well as wallpapers and even gifs. Within the app it is possible to edit the images from the mobile , and add all the effects you want, and music! Would you like to be able to share your creations on other social networks? From Wooble it is very easy to do it.

Phogy, 3D camera

Phogy is another 3D photo app for Android. You can use the front camera to take selfies or the rear, and with gentle movements to focus your subject you will create the 3-dimensional images you are looking for. Or if you prefer, you can also change your still photos to motion captures.

Something to keep in mind, and what is most commented on in a negative way by users, is that the captures that are created are saved in MP4 or GIF format, which makes uploading to other platforms difficult if desired share creation.


With Loopsie we return to an option compatible with iOS and Android . This application has different functions, such as the integrated 3D camera that offers a resolution in Full HD , or the video camera with the same resolution.

One of the characteristics that make it special is the stabilizer that is integrated , so that the movement of your hands does not affect the final result. And if you want to make your content even more unique, you can edit your creation within Loopsie.

It is very easy to share your captures and videos on other platforms through Loopsie. Its download and use is free, yes, you have many options covered, so to access all of them it is necessary to subscribe to the Premium version.


This application is also available for the two main mobile operating systems, Android and iOS . Prequel allows you to add all the effects to create three-dimensional images , but it is much more than that, and it can be classified as an editor with multiple functionalities.

Among the options available to you is to add music, improve the capture in a single click, introduce different filters and effects, both in photo, video and even in real time. Once the capture is complete, the content can be edited within the platform.

This application is free, although to have full access it is necessary to subscribe to the paid version. They offer updates every week so it can be a good investment.

Parallax: 3D Photo and Effects

In this case we are going with an exclusive 3D photo app for iOS. With it you have two options. On the one hand, you can create three-dimensional images from a two-dimensional capture that you have saved in your gallery. And on the other hand, you can make 3-dimensional captures directly using the camera.

With either of the two modes, the options to have 3D images are various, from adjusting the speed or changing the direction of the photo . And it does not stop there, because thanks to Parallax you can edit all the captures until they are to your liking, adding all the effects you have available.

PopPic, an iPhone exclusive 3D camera

PopPic is a 3-dimensional camera that you can only use on an iPhone , very simple and intuitive that also gets very good ratings. To use it, you only have to tilt your mobile, adjust the lens, and add all the filters and effects you want to give it the professional touch you are looking for.

In addition, it allows you to share your creations on all social networks very easily. But keep in mind that if you want to remove the watermark, or use all functionalities, you must subscribe to the paid service. There are very inexpensive options. Do you dare to take a look at it?

Camera 3D Pro

Camera 3D Pro is another app option to capture images with depth that is available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). One of the most intuitive applications to use, which offers what it promises and with a really good quality.

In this case the app is in English, and to obtain all the functionalities it is necessary to have access to the “Expansion Pack”. If you have no problem with the language and want to try it, here it is!

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