10 Best Zoom Alternatives Update {2023}

Zoom alternatives: Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing applications used by both individuals and companies. It is also multiplatform, so you can use it from your smartphone, iPad, and computer.

The videoconferencing service is carried out from a cloud platform and is an ideal option for family meetings, company seminars, conversations with friends, etc. In its free version, up to 100 people can take part. You can share documents and videos, make a recording of the meetings and it even has an instant messaging service.

However, it is not the only option and there are many other alternatives to Zoom to make video calls easily. Discover the most recommended options below.

Best Zoom Alternatives 2021


Wire is a free, cross-platform application that you can use from the Chrome browser to make instant video calls with up to 10 people. You can send Gifs and even share YouTube links that are automatically played from the conversation.

Another advantage of Wire is that you can play songs from Spotify. Call and conversation encryption is end-to-end encrypted to ensure maximum security.


ICQ is another of the best alternatives to Zoom from where you can make calls and video calls for free

  • You can create chat rooms without any limit of participants
  • It has an option to send free SMS to invite new users
  • Send notifications when a contact connects or disconnects
  • It has a very useful function to protect your conversations using a PIN code


With Messenger, you can make group video calls through the Messenger Rooms service. One of its advantages is that participants from Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp can join.

The creation of a conference room can be open or private and an access password can even be set. In addition, the conversations are end-to-end encrypted, you can customize the wallpapers and apply a multitude of filters.


WeChat is one of the platforms most aware of the security of its users since it does not allow anyone to have access to the phone number or to know if a user is connected or not. All messages, users and files sent or received are synchronized with the cloud.

You can make video calls with up to 9 people and it includes a very useful function that prevents users from interrupting each other during the conversation.


One of the great competitors of Zoom that allows videoconferences with up to a maximum of 50 people. In addition, it has the option of being able to record video calls, something very useful in the case of business meetings or online classes.

It has a split view function so you can have separate conversations, and it even gives you the ability to share your screen. This option is very functional if you are doing a presentation.


With Viber you can make video calls with users who are registered in the application from the smartphone or from the computer. In addition, it includes a QR code recognition function to add new contacts.

Video calling is in HD quality and works very efficiently even with weak connections or less powerful devices.


Tox is an option that is characterized by being especially simple and minimalist. The particularity of this service is that it is an open-source tool that uses an advanced data encryption system.

This service is very focused on the security of its users so that it does not store any messages or conversations. It is a multiplatform system including Windows, iOS, Android or Linux among others.


WhatsApp is one of the most used and popular instant messaging services in the world. One of its peculiarities is that you can make video calls while you are on the chat screen, through a floating window.

With WhatsApp, up to 8 people can participate in a video call. Additionally, conversations are end-to-end encrypted.


One of the main advantages of Jitsi is that it has no participant limits. But also

  • It is possible to create a public or private room with a password without the need to have an account or to register a phone number or email
  • You can record video calls or switch the camera
  • It has interesting functions such as the possibility of sharing the desktop or streaming from the YouTube platform

Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet has recently revamped its video calling service, allowing up to 250 people to participate at the same time. This option is very useful for holding online meetings or classes.

On the other hand, it allows to make video transmissions for up to 100,000 people and record video calls to store them directly in Google Drive.

What is the best alternative to Zoom?

If you want to make use of the best alternative to Zoom with new functions, Wire is the best solution . In addition to being cross-platform, it is a free option that guarantees maximum security since all the conversations and messages you send are end-to-end encrypted.

One of the advantages of Wire is that you do not need to reveal your phone number to be able to use the application. In addition, the calls made are made through VoIP, in the same way as in Skype, which ensures excellent sound quality and stability.

Another feature of Wire is that you can integrate third-party services such as YouTube videos or songs from Soundcloud or Spotify.

If you use the desktop version, you will be able to use the screen sharing function so that your interlocutors can see your desktop. Also, you can send images, gifs, videos or voice notes.   As for the number of members that can participate in a video call, the limit is 10 and in group chats up to 128 participants are allowed.

An option that cares about the security and privacy of its users while integrating functions that make it a very functional alternative.

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