Samsung’s Quick Share will land on Windows

The software will allow files to be transferred from their computer to their Samsung smartphone with one click, and vice versa.

Microsoft and Samsung have been working hand in hand for several years to improve communication between the smartphone and Windows.

Three applications have seen a few hours before being quickly withdrawn by Samsung

With the Your Phone application, Microsoft offers all Android users many gateways to continue using their smartphone from Windows 10 and communicate with loved ones. Features exclusive to Samsung smartphones are present, such as the synchronization of data contained in the Microsoft To Do reminders application with that of Samsung, to name but one.

Samsung obviously wants to go further and the Italian site Aggiornamenti Lumia has spotted three new applications developed by the manufacturer specifically for Windows 10 in the Windows Store.

The software was only available for a few hours before being withdrawn by Samsung. There is no doubt that going online is now imminent, but in the meantime we have been able to get some information on these applications.


Even easier file sharing between Windows and Samsung Galaxy

The first software, Quick Share, is quite simply the Windows-adapted version of the file sharing system available from One UI 2, the Android overlay offered by Samsung for Galaxy smartphones. Like Sharing Nearby developed by Google or AirDrop for Apple devices, Quick Share allows you to send photos, videos or any other type of file with a single click by creating a Wi-Fi network direct between the two devices.

If Your Phone already offers sharing options between the smartphone and Windows 10, Quick Share should simplify the experience even further by offering, for example, a dedicated button in the sharing menu of One UI.


Samsung Free is a news feed available on Galaxy smartphones by swiping the home screen to the right. If we do not yet know how this flow will appear in the Windows version, we can imagine finding the latest information, but also content available through Samsung applications and offered in the form of recommendations.

Samsung O is the latest and most mysterious app. For the moment, it looks like Samsung Free in every way and we will have to wait to learn more about this software.


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