Best Cycling Apps 2022: If you are a Pedaler this is for You

Today we are going to talk about one of our favorite sports: cycling . We are not going to explain who the inventor of the bicycle was or how to assemble one by parts. You already know very well what we do, right?

Exactly, to mobile applications! Today in particular we will talk about the best bicycle apps of 2021 . Do you need new routes to get lost with the bike? Do you want maps or be able to count the kilometers you do easily? Check out the following list because you only need one thing for all of this: your smartphone. To pedal!

Free apps for Android and iOS cyclists

GPS Fields Area Measure: your bike odometer for Android

GPS Fields is an excellent app to calculate your route by bike and an app to know the distance traveled – not only when we press the pedals, but it also works on foot or by car.

It is easy and intuitive, and with a few taps of your finger you can use it as an app to measure km traveled , take measurements of a specific perimeter or manage terrain in km2. Among its main characteristics we find:

  • Speed ​​dialing of distance traveled or delimited area.
  • Mark places with exact precision in an area with its smart technology.
  • Record and edit your distances and measurements, as well as group or rename.
  • GPS tracking while driving, walking or cycling.

It is an application that many farmers (especially in the United States) use to manage their fields, as it is very easy to understand and works perfectly. It also works for other professions, such as architects, professional golf players, road builders, cartographers and a long etcetera.

The version that we propose here is free, although it has ads and is the basic one. If you have a more professional level of cycling, we recommend its Pro version , and you can also download its version without ads .

Oruxmaps, the favorite maps for the mountain on Android

Oruxmaps has become the favorite of many athletes when choosing a mountain app (iPhone and Android), but it has had certain problems with both markets. However, its developers have continued working on it, as the demand is very high – now we will tell you why.

  • It is 100% free and without any advertising. On their website, they accept donations and from each one of them, 1 euro goes to the Spanish Association SPW. All for a good cause!
  • It is compatible with : Android Wear, Bluetooth, WMS formats, .rmap, Garmin, .mbtiles, .ozf2, DEM, gpx, kml, kmz, external GPS, BT smart heart rate monitors, cadence sensors (BT Smart Bike), ANT + sensors, as well as for AIS nautical devices. Does it seem little to you?
  • It is an application that serves both to know your position on a map ( location ), create bike or hiking routes , record your route while you are running or other sports, download ready-made routes …

On its official website you can download maps, manuals, find out about its history and find everything you are looking for. The truth is that, despite not finding it on Google Play or the App Store, it is one of our favorites. Very complete and aimed at true lovers of mountain sports.

MotionX GPS, an alternative equal to Oruxmaps for iPhone

But what about iPhone users and this mountain app? Well, unfortunately, there is no version for iOS. But all is not lost, as there are always alternatives. In this case, we have an application like Oruxmaps for iPhone , and it is the MotionX GPS.

Yes, there is an important difference, and that is that this is not free , but for € 1.99 you will see that it will be super profitable. Some users say that this app and iPhone combined are better than a $ 200 Garmin GPS – the maps are, in fact, free within the app.

It’s great, especially for biking or hiking, but it’s also great for skiing, snowboarding, sailing, or even geocaching. More than 5 million users around the world use it, are you going to miss it?

Wikiloc MTB: an app to create routes and enjoy them

Wikiloc is a very famous website among fans and professionals of mountaineering, motocross, off-road routes, kayaking, quad biking, horse riding and much more. In fact, it is the best website with routes in the world, along with the rutabike website. It is a collaborative site, just like Wikipedia, so the same community is adding new routes in detail.

What we are interested in recommending is its sections related to the bicycle , because that is what the article is about. Thus, you will find:

  • Wikiloc MTB: mountain bike (normal and downhill).
  • Cycling routes.
  • Cycle tourism.
  • Handbike – rodem.
  • Cyclocross (MMR).

Of course, it has infinite routes for other types of activities, in any country in the world. We bring you here its official application for Android and iOS, since this way you can always carry it with you.

This application allows you:

  • Have topographic maps offline.
  • Create routes and excursions and share them on social networks.
  • Record route and take photos.
  • Use it as a GPS navigator for a little extra.

Google Maps, ideal for cycling routes

Without a doubt, if we talk about map applications, we have to talk about Google Maps . As we saw in our article on GPS navigators for Android , it is the most complete app in this regard. It is ideal to mark the route we want to do that day. You just have to locate yourself via GPS and select where you want to go.

Google will point out the different path options and you can choose the one that suits you best. In addition, we can also choose between several indications to make it more comfortable for us. You are sure not to get lost!

Remember that you can use Google Maps and save routes without an Internet connection .

Strava, the social network for cyclists

It is a network specialized in cycling to connect users from all over the world. It’s really fantastic and makes your getaways much more enjoyable.

From the outset, it allows you to connect with other cyclists who are nearby to be able to do routes together . You can post your own paths and share them with friends and strangers in the area, with comments and advice to know its characteristics, such as its hardness.

In the latest updates, they have incorporated a competition mode so that you can bite, in a healthy way, with other athletes and be able to appear in user rankings in the same areas. Do you dare to try it?

Bike Repair, in case we have a breakdown

It is always good to be prepared for anything, especially if we are in a somewhat lost area and we cannot get help. Maybe it’s from your first bike rides and you don’t really know how everything works? If you do not know your bicycle perfectly and you do not know how to repair it, we leave you this application that has many tutorials, images and tips to repair it . It is clear that it can also be useful for us to carry out correct maintenance , but it will be even more useful in those cases of emergency. In addition, it has information on injuries or the correct posture when pedaling . It is paid, but it is highly recommended if you are interested in this topic.

There is a Free Bike Repair version, but the reviews are very negative, so we cannot recommend it.

We hope you enjoy these bike routes and apps like no one else. Tell us if you use any other, what recommendations would you give to someone who is starting or any of your experiences using mountain apps. We are waiting!

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