Best 6 Smart Home Devices Products that Useable Every Day

I used to work as a tester for a smart home devices company. It was my job to test new products and make sure they were ready for consumers before they hit the market.

I’ve tested dozens of different types of smart home devices, from light bulbs to door locks to thermostats.

And while not every product I tested was a winner, there are a few that I fell in love with and still use every day. In this blog post, I’ll share the six smart home devices that I use on a daily basis and why I think they’re worth your time (and money).

I used to test smart home devices for a living. It was my job to find the best products on the market and help people make their homes more efficient and comfortable.

I’ve tested hundreds of different products, from light bulbs to security cameras, and I’ve found that many of them are not worth your time or money.

A camera for making sure my cats aren’t causing chaos

If you’re a cat owner, you know that they can be mischievous when you’re not around. A camera is a great way to check in on your furry friends while you’re away from home.

I like the Petcube Play because it has a treat dispenser that I can use to reward my cats for good behavior.

The camera also has two-way audio so I can talk to them (and they can meow back at me).

If you don’t have cats, any old camera will do. Just make sure it has two-way audio so you can hear what’s going on in your home while you’re away.

Smart and sophisticated light switches

There are a lot of different smart and sophisticated light switches on the market these days. I’ve tested out a lot of them, and there are a few that I really like and still use every day.

One of my favorites is the Philips Hue Tap Switch. It’s a battery-powered, wireless switch that you can mount anywhere in your home.

It doesn’t require any wiring, so it’s very easy to install. And it works with all Philips Hue lights, so you can control any light in your home with it.

Another great option is the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch. This one also doesn’t require any wiring, and it’s compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

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So you can use your voice to control the lights with it. It also has a built-in energy monitoring system, so you can see how much energy your lights are using.

If you’re looking for a more traditional-looking light switch, the Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Starter Kit is a great option.

It comes with two switches and a remote, so you can control your lights from anywhere in your home. And it uses ClearConnect technology, so it will work even if your WiFi is down.

A smart thermostat I don’t have to think about

I used to test smart home devices for a living, and these are the products I still use every day. One of the devices I use most frequently is a smart thermostat.

I love not having to think about whether or not the temperature in my home is comfortable – it just automatically adjusts based on my schedule and preferences.

Another great thing about smart thermostats is that they can save you money on your energy bill. By learning your patterns and adjusting the temperature accordingly, they can help you cut down on wasted energy.

I’ve found that my smart thermostat has been able to significantly lower my monthly expenses, which is a huge bonus!

Vibrant LED lights that make my living room look incredible

As someone who used to test smart home devices for a living, I know a thing or two about what products are worth your money. And when it comes to making your living room look incredible, there’s no better investment than LED lights.

LED lights are more vibrant and produce less heat than traditional bulbs, so they’re perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home. Plus, they’re extremely energy-efficient, so you’ll save money on your electric bill in the long run.

I highly recommend investing in LED lights for your living room. They’ll make an incredible difference in the way your space looks and feels.

A voice assistant so I don’t burn my pizza

A voice assistant is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition and natural language processing (NLP) to handle tasks, such as setting alarms, making phone calls, and sending texts.

There are many voice assistants on the market, but the two most popular are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. I personally use Alexa because it integrates well with other smart home devices I have, such as my thermostat and lighting system.

Using a voice assistant to control your smart home devices can be extremely convenient. For example, if you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner and realize you forgot to turn on the oven, you can simply say “Alexa, turn on the oven” without having to stop what you’re doing.

Voice assistants can also be used to play music, answer questions, give directions, and much more. If you’re looking for a hands-free way to control your smart home devices and want to add some convenience to your life, then a voice assistant is definitely worth considering.

A smart stovetop that makes me feel like a chef

When I was testing smart home devices full-time, one of the products I used on a daily basis was a smart stovetop. This stovetop made me feel like a chef, as it allowed me to cook meals with precision and ease.

The stovetop would automatically adjust the temperature and cooking time based on what I was cooking, and it would also notify me when the food was ready.

This made mealtime much easier and more enjoyable, as I didn’t have to worry about under or overcooking my food.

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